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“The PSN’s Down, and Will be for a While. Dear God, NO!”

ARMAGEDDON!” is probably what would be screamed in some town that has nothing but the couch living, TV tanned gamers with their Dorito-stained “white” t-shirts running down the middle of the streets throwing burning trashcans into their local Gamestop’s front window to get their hands on all the single-player PS3 games they can get their greasy, controller-callused hands on like it was the water that would lead to their survival while living in the bomb shelters they all own called their living rooms (or basements, whichever you prefer). Riots would rise while stores would be raided for every single bag of Funyuns, Skittles, even store generic sour cream and onion potato chips. Even the frozen Hot Pockets will be ripped from their packaging and be devoured on the spot.

But, the title of this article speaks truth. PSN’s down, and, as this is being written, it’s day six of PS3 systems with the lack of the free service, and from what I’ve read, we’ll be without it for a while. Some games, notably, Bionic Commando: Re-armed 2 and Final Fight, both from Capcom, are unplayable since it requires an internet connection to play, even if you ARE alone. Players that travelled out to purchase their copies of SOCOM 4 are absolutely livid at the fact that they can’t play the game for the very reason they went out of their way to obtain it.

So, who did it? Who was/were the dingleberry/dingleberries that went and screwed it all up for everyone? Was it Anonymous? The defenders of Geohot? The anally irritated users of Linux? Maybe a Microsoft employee who got the crazy idea to knock it offline for a “coincidental” promotion of Xbox Live to have their free weekend while PSN was down to draw the crowd over? It certainly wasn’t Anonymous since the group claims they didn’t do it. Then again, anyone would say they didn’t do it after hearing that arrests would most likely be issued from this debacle.

Who knows! Sony certainly doesn’t, at least, not right now, anyway.

All Sony has said at this time is that it’s from an “outside source.” That’s it? Are you sure someone didn’t trip over the power cable for the router and forgot to plug it back in? Whatever it is, it’s done a number to the PSN as a whole, and because of it, the average PSN user’s credit card info may be in danger and they’re still trying to figure out whether or not it is. Services like Netflix (as well as the built-in internet browser) are still fully functional, so I guess this just makes the system return to its original state as being a movie player more than a game console four years ago. It sucks that the service is down, too, as it all happened the day after SOCOM 4, Mortal Kombat and Portal 2 were all released the same day. Those lucky enough to get their free copy of Portal 2 on PC using the code that came with the PS3 version before the PSN went down were able to play the game and finish it, like myself.

Surprisingly, though, I’m actually kind of sad that the service is completely inaccessible. Originally, I thought I was going to just be indifferent about it. Being a PC player first, PS3 player second, I miss not being able to check through my friends list to talk with some buddies who I normally talked to on there. I miss not being able go through the Playstation Store and check the updates of game releases or getting the free games I normally would with Playstation Plus. I’m upset that the players of MAG are now without their game since it’s online only.

So now for some good news and bad news!

Good news is that the beta for inFamous 2 was extended thanks to the outage to a “to be determined” date, so now I can create all the missions I want until then, as well as anyone else that was able to get into it. Although, you can’t look at other user’s missions due to the lack of PSN. It makes things rather troublesome to beta test something that uses a service that’s not there.

Bad news is that (here comes the “for a while” part of the title of the article), according to a few sources, the PSN is being rebuilt from the ground, up. The security would have to be rebuilt to prevent this from happening again. This also means that it could very well lead to a possible month before it’s FULLY operational. Although, I’m pretty sure that’s probably an exaggeration on how long it’ll be down… right? I suppose this part can be looked at “Maybe?” news rather than bad. It sure as hell can’t re-label this as “good”. In the process, there may be added features due to the complete rebuild. Cross-game voice chat, anyone? Of course, a rumor’s a rumor. Do yourself a favor and take it with a grain of salt. No need to get excited for something that can’t be determined as true or false, right?

This is a pretty devastating blow to Sony no matter how you look at this, so hopefully they can get this big problem fixed.

At least I still have Mortal Kombat extras in the Krypt to unlock…

        Update (April 29th, 2:42am): I’ve been blowing this off updating the article. So it just so happens that people were beginning to point fingers at good ol’ Geohot, himself, even after the showdown between him and Sony (which they apparently settled out of court. Not allowed to backwards engineer devices, blah, blah, blah…) But that’s not the only thing that’s happened in the past few days since this was first written.

Turns out that the information of 2.2 million PSN users are looking to be bought. And, surprisingly, GeoHot (after denying having any hand in the fiasco) had this to say:

        “To the perpetrator, two things. You are clearly talented and will have plenty of money (or a jail sentence and bankruptcy) coming to you in the future. Don’t be a dick and sell people’s information. And I’d love to see a write up on how it all went down…lord knows we’ll never get that from Sony, noobs probably had the password set to ‘4’ or something. I mean, at least it was randomly generated.”

This won’t change anything, though, although, GeoHot has gained some of my respect for saying this. After all of the crap he’s been through with Sony in AND out of court he manages to show a bit of honor toward them. But, I do have to say, GeoHot… really? You still use “noobs?” Come ooonnn… you don’t look THAT old. Call them something, like… I don’t know… “Technology illiterate ITT Tech grads.”

Anyway, they still lack the CVV2 code on the back of every modern credit/debit card, not to mention the information some cards require when purchasing anything online. You know that whole “Verified by Visa” thing. Or whatever your card is. I know there’s extra protections banks use anymore so what’s the problem? Sure, they came close, but there are too many failsafe measures that are applied to credit cards these days.

On top of that, not only is the FBI getting involved in this but fucking CANADA’S PRIVACY COMMISSIONOR is involved. Not sure if they should be worried about that part. Canada, I mean. FBI’s bad, but… I mean… yeah. Most likely some information will be taken, but it’s not information everyone already knows. But now this is going be sold? This is where I agree with GeoHot: Don’t be dicks, guys. I originally had a chunk of a rant about hackers and such in this paragraph but I think I’ll leave that for another article in the future.

So with all this and PSN still down, Sony claimed that it should be back up next week (Tuesday or Wednesday), but to be honest, that seems a bit… early. I know I want it back just as badly as the next PS3 player who still intends to use the service, but I for one am more than willing to wait a month for them to get the service back up and running at its original pace along with added security features they (apparently) should have taken in the first place, which is where the class action lawsuits are coming into play.

Now that it’s supposed to be back up in a week… who thinks that Sony won’t even mention that this ever happened when they’re at E3 this year?

I hope I’m doing this right …

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