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The Good, Bad, and the Ugly series; Dead Space 3



With the new year underway we finally get to see the first batch of games that either didn’t come out during the holiday frenzy or were pushed back due to development issues. I’d like to present a new segment called the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, featuring my predictions for these upcoming releases and whether or not they’ll have been worth the wait.

I begin with the Ugly because, in my humble opinion, it is better to start with the bad news first.  The game of which I speak is Dead Space 3. It hasn’t suffered any sort of production delay, but the evolution from the first Dead Space to the current game is kind of scary, and not in terms of horrifically mutated zombies. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the series from its inception; it elevated the idea of a survival horror game by requiring that the player to do more than run into zombie A and give it a double-tap headshot. The challenge of cutting off limbs using basic space tools in place of weapons was very unique. This, combined with the claustrophobic terror of being stalked through dimly-lit corridors on a spaceship by shapeless monstrosities bursting out of air ducts and the newly-dead remains of enemies or friends offered an atmospheric reinterpretation of the genre. Dead Space 2 maintained that same philosophy, but I felt EA publishing rear its ugly head by adding a pretty lame multiplayer mode to what was and should have remained a single player game.  They also added an online pass for the multiplayer which I’m inherently against, whether or not the multiplayer is awful.

In Dead Space 2 you saw a complex transformation of character as Isaac Clarke tried to come to grips with the events of the first game, but the city sprawl gave Isaac a bit of wiggle room and allowed him to better handle the chaos of the Red Marker with actual weaponry (even though the tool set still proved to be better) and up-scaled stasis mode compared to battling it out on the USG Ishimura. BroThis time you are teaming up with Sgt. John Carver and going to a frozen death world called Tau Volantis to discover how the inhabitants were able to stop a Necromorph outbreak 200 years ago. This is a great set up, but I feel that the basis of the Dead Space franchise is SOLE SURVIVAL HORROR!  It’s tough to immerse yourself in the atmosphere when you’re listening to your buddy crack dick jokes over the headset. Sure they explain that Dead Space 3 can be played single player, but they emphasize the Co-op experience so heavily that when you open their main site it’s the first feature advertised. Also, no developer in their right mind would pour so much time into creating this whole side part of the game for it not to be experienced.No Hope EA takes full advantage of this predicament because the only way to take part in the Co-op is to go through their online pass DRM guaranteeing new purchases and not going the used route plus omitting the ability to play spilt screen. Finally, the game promotes a pay-to-win scenario ranging from base resource packs, weapon and suit upgrades, as well as “bot capacity” and “accelerator” upgrades which are easily obtained by opening your wallet. As a side note regarding the “Better With Kinect” option, it’s doubtful that it will present a useful addition to the game.  Its inclusion is likely the result of Microsoft marketing leaning on the publisher to include it and thereby increase their market share.

I’m not in any way bitter or upset at the way Dead Space 3 is turning out, but it lacks the soul of its origins.  If anyone out there plans on getting the Playstation version and wants to play Co-op with me feel free to add me on PSN which is at Orphan55.Die Die Die!

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End of the Year Recap Dos!

History of Fallout

I uphold all the RPG bible tendency!

While going back and forth between trying to quit my job from Samsung and figuring out what to do to generate income I decided to invite my boss to WonderCon. Once again we opted to go for one day, but it was on a Saturday which is generally the peak for any convention or expo. The con experience was new to my boss so it was entertaining to explain the lifestyle of cosplayers, artist ally, the tao of swag handling, and mercantile exchange of con goodies. What should have been the highlight of WonderCon for us turned out to be a big disappointment where one of the writers of Interplay/Black Isle/Obsidian was doing a panel on THE HISTORY OF FALLOUT! We waited intently, but one of my lady friends tweeted at me so I ducked out. Hawt Hawt HawtI ended up going to the Ready Player One panel and got to meet Ernest Cline which was a treasure. On my way out I got another treat in the form of a photo op with Jessica Nigri (hawt hawt hawt) and to my dismay my boss had this heartbreaking look as he explained how much of an ass Chris Avellone was during the panel just talking about himself. I quickly remedied the situation and took us to the main floor where we had a blast getting our photos taken as severed heads for the season 2 Game of Thrones promo, watched the R2-D2 fan club constructs parade, took in the Avengers vs X-Men panel of AWESOMENESS and the overall celebration of nerdyness.

Coming off that adventure I finally said goodbye to my job and went to a little music festival you might have heard of called Coachella. Now I know this festival isn’t all that video game or nerd related, but going to huge events allows me to express my opinions and not be afraid of conversions with strangers, which if you don’t know, is one of the biggest things you have to do in the video game industry. The majority of the people there were over-privileged LA kids who wanted an excuses to party, but when you see a band you really love the fans around you really bring it together; hell, I blew off Radiohead just to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor because I know that I can always see Radiohead and Thom York later down the road, but Godspeed can disappear for another 10 years! The top three moments of last year’s Coachella for me was the first night when Explosions in the Sky was playing and the sound reverberated through the rain – it was very moving, Santigold letting people jump on stage during her performance on the MAIN STAGE, and of course the resurrection of Tupac during the Doctor Dre and Snoop Lion performance.

Stay tuned for my next post in which I detail the horror and grandeur of Comic Con 2012 and PAX!

Game of Thrones

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