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Atlas Filing for Bankruptcy



Alas, another undeserving publisher is falling to its knees at the hands of financial problems.


The company Index (or Atlus), the publisher of games such as the Persona series, Shin Megami Tensai and, soon, the upcoming game Dragon’s Crown, is facing financial peril. According to Index’s main website, they’ve announced that they’re to undergo civil rehabilitation proceedings.


At the meeting of the Board of Directors held on June 27, 2013, and resolved to make a petition for civil rehabilitation proceedings, to conduct a petition for civil rehabilitation proceedings in the Tokyo District Court in the same day, the Company was accepted was. In addition, from the Tokyo District Court, protective order whose contents payment Prohibition and supervision order at the same date, so has been issued, I will inform you as follows.

It becomes a place where it becomes a situation like this, to apologize for shareholders, customers, business partners, and worry trouble enormously regarding. Everyone of the parties concerned other, and without any excuse, I apologize deeply.

1. Reason and circumstances that led to the petition

Ever since the establishment in 1995, the business revolves around the content and business solutions and digital games business, the Company has earned a profit in a stable manner.

On the other hand, I went to business acquisitions that target the domestic and foreign companies, but the expected revenue does not increase in overseas acquisitions in particular, investment heavy losses occurred. In addition, due to the Corporation Incubator Bank of Japan in September 2010, was to build a small business promotion network that we had participated was bankrupt, the financial health of the participating companies of the network affected by the collapse worse However, many of the investments you have made ​​to the participating companies of the network becomes uncollectible also our own, our financial condition has worsened. In addition, in the second quarter ended August 31, 2013, by, for example reversal of deferred tax assets and provisions for bad debt processing a large amount of generated by the investment, I got into a debt exceeded both consolidated and non-consolidated.

It was a condition that leads to uneasiness from suppliers such circumstances, financial institutions and such like, cash flow is tight. Therefore, it’s up to recently, independent reconstruction leads to judgment and is extremely difficult, and have chosen to take a plunge reconstruction by civil rehabilitation proceedings.


In a nutshell, it’s more of a reorganization, which means they’ll still be in business, but owned by creditors. However, according to Cnet Japan it looks as though they’re looking for a full on buyout of the company, or at minimum, a merger.


It’s sad to see another go if things don’t work out. Here’s to hoping they find someone who’s willing to scoop them up and get them back to their old selves again.



Bro Team in Hot Water?


Recently, Machinima released a video showing Bro Team and The Last of Us, and decided to use a very hot word that sparks a fire every time it’s used. And as such, it’s getting a lot of hate from the Muslim religion that are most likely caused by extremists, but in my case, it’s hard to tell. I don’t know much about Middle Eastern religion because it’s been off my radar for years, I will admit, and I’ve read and heard so many different sides that I’ve pretty much become neutral. I am not taking its side, nor am I against it. I know that there’s many who don’t accept this kind of backlash who is accepting of Muslims in general.


I am, however, a supporter of freedom of speech, especially when it comes to the internet. When something as big as a religion begins its attempt to overcome someone’s speech, just like the real world, prepare for the masses. Those who don’t put up with the one-sided, short-sighted criticism of simply speaking out.


On the internet, no one gets special treatment.


On the internet, everything is permitted.


Of course, there’s the apology video, but it’s not the kind of apology you’re looking for. It’s more or less getting a point across.


Playstation 4 Price Revealed

To add to the slaps and punches between companies at E3, the Playstation 4 will release at $399, $100 cheaper than the new Xbox One.

So there you have it, folks. Pre-order until your heart’s content on whatever system you decide to go with! Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, they’re all accepting pre-orders right now.

Playstation 4 Will Allow Used Games and More

Used Games PS4




So, this was a kick to the Microsoft gonads. Specifically, mentioning no online, will support used games, allowing to be lent out to friends with no issues. They’ve even specified that it won’t “Require a connection check once a day.”


And, the video above… well, yeah.

Kingdom Hearts III Coming to PS4


Well, I never was one for the series, but I know a few people who would kill for a new game. And sure enough, one was announced. Kingdom Hearts III was announced as one of the two announcements from SquareEnix. Whether or not it’s exclusive? That remains to be seen.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII FINALLY Shows Its Face… Sort Of


Seven years.


SEVEN years since its been shown at the announcement of the PS3 and we now get a trailer of the game that actually has gameplay footage. But that’s not the worst part.


The worst part is that at the end of the video the title changes from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV. And the kicker? Coming to PS4 now. See, I’ve seen people buy the PS3 for the game after they’ve seen Versus for the first time. I can only imagine their hate at the moment.


Other than that, the game looks fantastic. I guess we’ll have to wait longer.

Playstation 4 Has Been Revealed


PS4 03PS4 02PS4 01

As you can see, looks like a rhombus! Also, picture complete with the camera used for motion controls in the controller itself. Personally, I think it looks good! Better than the round look the PS3 had. Then again, that glossy look makes me not want to set anything on it.


Actual dimensions are yet to be seen, but if the controller next to it means anything, it might not be that big of a system at all. Now we just need a price…