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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare…


…I tried not saying anything biased this whole day.


What the monstrous hell is this?!


Look, I’m all for games trying something new, but… really? Plants vs. Zombies? COME ON!

EA Shows Off Dragon Age: Inquisition


Not much is known outside of the trailer, aside from the obvious systems of PC, Xbox One and PS4, but at least it also has a “Fall 2014.”

Mirror’s Edge 2 Has Been Shown


About friggin’ time! The game got some screen time and looks just as colorful as the first, thankfully. No date, will be on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


And it’s a prequel. Lame! Integrated with Xbox One


During the reveal of Killer Instinct, it was also shown that there’s a share feature using, which can be used for streaming online as well as uploading videos, much similar to the PS4’s use of uStream. You will be able to use it like a video game DVR, where you can record the gameplay footage and use SmartGlass to edit the video in any way you see fit, then upload it.

More information about it has yet to surface.

Titanfall Announced


Looks like quite the jump from Call of Duty. Most of the old crew of Infinity Ward formed their new team a few years ago called Respawn Entertainment and they finally showed off their new game, “Titanfall”, a game based mostly on multiplayer that looks suspiciously like a single player game, what with it being so cinematic. But, apparently, that’s exactly what they’re pushing for!


Coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Killer Instinct Exposed!

Killer Instinct

And here’s the game that made me raise my brows. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to the game that was shown, other than only have shown three characters; Glacius, Jago and Saberwulf. The game is exclusive to the Xbox One and has yet to have a release date. And got the same voice for the announcer!

Here’s to hoping they don’t screw this up.

A New Xbox 360 Model

Xbox 360 4GB modelNot sure why, especially if it’s 4GB, but a new model of the 360 has been revealed! Three versions will be released, 4GB non-Kinect at $199, a 250GB with no Kinect at $299, and finally a 4GB with Kinect at $299. Odd choices, that. When will they be released? Well… NOW! The moment they revealed the new model the new system has been released. Whether or not they’re in stores right this second, is something else. Be sure to look for it in stores!