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Playstation 4 Price Revealed

To add to the slaps and punches between companies at E3, the Playstation 4 will release at $399, $100 cheaper than the new Xbox One.

So there you have it, folks. Pre-order until your heart’s content on whatever system you decide to go with! Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, they’re all accepting pre-orders right now.

Playstation 4 Will Allow Used Games and More

Used Games PS4




So, this was a kick to the Microsoft gonads. Specifically, mentioning no online, will support used games, allowing to be lent out to friends with no issues. They’ve even specified that it won’t “Require a connection check once a day.”


And, the video above… well, yeah.

Kingdom Hearts III Coming to PS4


Well, I never was one for the series, but I know a few people who would kill for a new game. And sure enough, one was announced. Kingdom Hearts III was announced as one of the two announcements from SquareEnix. Whether or not it’s exclusive? That remains to be seen.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII FINALLY Shows Its Face… Sort Of


Seven years.


SEVEN years since its been shown at the announcement of the PS3 and we now get a trailer of the game that actually has gameplay footage. But that’s not the worst part.


The worst part is that at the end of the video the title changes from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV. And the kicker? Coming to PS4 now. See, I’ve seen people buy the PS3 for the game after they’ve seen Versus for the first time. I can only imagine their hate at the moment.


Other than that, the game looks fantastic. I guess we’ll have to wait longer.

EA Shows Off Dragon Age: Inquisition


Not much is known outside of the trailer, aside from the obvious systems of PC, Xbox One and PS4, but at least it also has a “Fall 2014.”

Mirror’s Edge 2 Has Been Shown


About friggin’ time! The game got some screen time and looks just as colorful as the first, thankfully. No date, will be on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


And it’s a prequel. Lame!

Vita’s Downward Spiral

I love the Playstation Vita. There, I said it. Expected me to say something different? Come on, I’m a fanboy. Or, so I’m told. But let’s face it, this thing’s a damn paperweight. It’s been on my charging dock FOREVER and I haven’t seen very many games that made me go “HOLY CRAP!” But why hasn’t it yet? The Sony handheld was released in February of last year and hasn’t released, or shown anything, that made anyone I know want to go out and buy it. So what is it missing or what is it doing wrong?

Let’s go down the list.


1.) First Person Shooters


Anyone who can keep up in minor video game news knows this picture above me is so toxic to the video game industry that we’re probably going to start seeing dead consoles come to life as zombies for a full blown, industry-wide apocalypse full of game based flesh eaters. Declassified was once classed as THE game to pop the Vita’s first-person shooter cherry only to be a floppy, drippy mess with nothing to gain but a lifetime of regret. It’s one of those times where you roll over with the one you’re with for the rest of your life in bed and just FROWN, knowing that you’re stuck with it.

The game’s intention, for Vita players, is that you can have Call of Duty on-the-go and missed the target completely. It did nothing to make one appreciate the handheld for what it was in terms of graphics and the controls where downright clunky due to the forced use of the touch pad and touch screen capabilities that the system has THE OPTION TO USE. And story? Well, let’s face it. No one plays Call of Duty for story.

But of course, with those depressing love stories that has the main character wishing for something better, another love interest comes along, showing tender, loving care that the Vita longs for. And this love interest’s named Killzone: Mercenary.


So far, those who have seen a preview of the game has said that this is to fix everything that Declassified has screwed up. Everything from rocking a modified Killzone 3 engine to making it appeal to the first person shooter players. As promising as it looks and sounds, the game has the ability to really rock the handheld market, but if, and only if, Sony does one simple thing. And that thing is…


2.) Marketing

Have you seen a Playstation Vita ad? Maybe on banners in gaming sites or perhaps a TV commercial? Magazine ads? …Youtube ads? No? Neither have I.

That’s because Sony has this thing where they figure that if something is popular enough among ten whole people that eventually everyone will know of it and want it.  They have almost done absolutely nothing in terms of marketing the handheld, let alone any of the games. I’ve been to many places with my Vita and played it while I was waiting on food, people and the like. I had people peeking in and asking what I’m using and what game it is. When I tell them, they act like they’ve never heard of it. Even talking to some friends online in random chat groups have never heard of the device.

It’s been a year and people still have never heard of it. Does it prove my point? Probably not. Perhaps some of those people are thinking that if it’s not a phone, they just don’t care, which is not a healthy path, at least, in my opinion. I’m not the type to have one device that does it all (lolXboxOne) due to the fact that if I do have one device that does it all, it lacks in everything, just as well. I just edited out a small section as to why, but that’s not the point of this part. But I digress.

Points is that this device is not known at all. You can’t go up to someone and ask them while showing it to them “Hey, do you know what this is?” The vast majority, unless you run into nerds, will most likely say “What is it?” That’s when you know you have a problem. Sure, they’ve sold a million units in 13 months since launch in North America alone, but why does it feel like it’s still so overlooked by everyone else?


3.) Memory Cards


Need I go on? These should not exist, and if they absolutely have to, at least make them affordable. A year later and a 16GB stick is still $60 RETAIL? And the 32GB for half the price of the wi-fi unit? Please. We have many, many devices that have internal storage. This is absolutely no excuse to even have these , let alone not include one with every Vita.


Maybe I’m venting at this point. Although, it could be buyer’s remorse. I own more games for it than my 3DS (which I only own Resident Evil: Revelations for it). But still, I haven’t bought a single game for it since Mortal Kombat. I mean, Soul Sacrifice seems neat, but even that I’m still on the fence about.

Let’s just hope Sony does something at E3 2013 about it. Seriously, if they don’t, we may as well assume they’ve ditched the system completely.