Xbox One DRM does a 180!

Xbox_Consle_Sensr_controllr_F_TransBG_RGB_2013Earlier this morning rumors coming out of Giant Bomb┬áreported that Microsoft’s was drastically changing there DRM/Always-Online policy. Once the mass hysteria hit the twitterverse Microsoft confirmed┬áthat indeed fan feedback (or outrage however you see it) has prevail. With no 24 hour internet connection required just a one time set up and the ability to trade your disc base game plus no region lock what will Microsoft gain or lose?

Playstation 4 Price Revealed

To add to the slaps and punches between companies at E3, the Playstation 4 will release at $399, $100 cheaper than the new Xbox One.

So there you have it, folks. Pre-order until your heart’s content on whatever system you decide to go with! Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, they’re all accepting pre-orders right now.

Playstation 4 Will Allow Used Games and More

Used Games PS4




So, this was a kick to the Microsoft gonads. Specifically, mentioning no online, will support used games, allowing to be lent out to friends with no issues. They’ve even specified that it won’t “Require a connection check once a day.”


And, the video above… well, yeah.

Kingdom Hearts III Coming to PS4


Well, I never was one for the series, but I know a few people who would kill for a new game. And sure enough, one was announced. Kingdom Hearts III was announced as one of the two announcements from SquareEnix. Whether or not it’s exclusive? That remains to be seen.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII FINALLY Shows Its Face… Sort Of


Seven years.


SEVEN years since its been shown at the announcement of the PS3 and we now get a trailer of the game that actually has gameplay footage. But that’s not the worst part.


The worst part is that at the end of the video the title changes from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV. And the kicker? Coming to PS4 now. See, I’ve seen people buy the PS3 for the game after they’ve seen Versus for the first time. I can only imagine their hate at the moment.


Other than that, the game looks fantastic. I guess we’ll have to wait longer.

Playstation 4 Has Been Revealed


PS4 03PS4 02PS4 01

As you can see, looks like a rhombus! Also, picture complete with the camera used for motion controls in the controller itself. Personally, I think it looks good! Better than the round look the PS3 had. Then again, that glossy look makes me not want to set anything on it.


Actual dimensions are yet to be seen, but if the controller next to it means anything, it might not be that big of a system at all. Now we just need a price…

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare…


…I tried not saying anything biased this whole day.


What the monstrous hell is this?!


Look, I’m all for games trying something new, but… really? Plants vs. Zombies? COME ON!