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E3 2013 Nintendo!

Nintendo JoyThe first day of E3 was insane for someone who doesn’t have an army of PR reps that can schedule me in months ahead of time. After watching the Sony and Microsoft press conference I knew it was going to be a pain to get  hands-on with both consoles so my first stop was with Nintendo. Something about Nintendo always puts a smile on my face; even through the evolution of gaming they still know, at the core, what the whole industry is about. After reading frantic Twitter and Facebook post about Nintendo Direct, and mind you the stream kept crashing every three minutes, I was eager to get a first look at Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101, and possibly the new Zelda 3DS game. Right away I was able to get in contact with a Nintendo rep and was escorted to a Wii U station where I knew I would be reunited with my long-legged vixen.

Bayonetta 2The controls and game play for Bayonetta 2 was exactly what I remembered from the first game, but I did go the Gamepad Touch route because I wanted to know if it held up to the precise controlling that Platinum games has  delivered in the past. Mashing away on the touch screen did feel a little off, but with a single swipe I could time my dodges to enter Witch Time and connect with my Torture Attacks. The cinematic of the environment and the enemies come together nicely with all you can expect for this over-the-top action platform, but I would have liked to be focusing on my TV and not always looking down on the Game Pad. Nintendo couldn’t comment on what the basis of the plot was, but it will involve not only the high order of Angels, but the demons of Inferno as well seeing how Jeanne’s soul was capture by them. Next up was the new Mario Kart 8 which was a nice treat to experience. The anti gravity tracks were kind of neat and the return of 12-player online competitive play, hang-gliders, underwater racing and motorbikes which was something I didn’t know was introduced in previous Mario Karts see how the last Mario Kart I played was Mario Kart 64. Wonderful 101 has shaped up nicely with its announcement date of September 15th of this year. Forming into different weapons using the Game Pad touch screen, you cut, slam, whip, and shoot your way through enemies. Collecting power-ups, solving puzzles for platinum coins, and recruiting potential would-be heroes gives a great opportunity for a Wonderful 101 hours of replay-ability, plus the rumored multiplayer mode has me very excited. Lastly I found myself staring at what could be the sequel to my all time favorite game during my childhood Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Everything about the game justified my purchase of a 3DS; from the over the top view of the original SNES game, the new game mechanic becoming a portrait is easily something that I became obsessed with trying to look for heart containers, and finally button control no more motion controls in a Zelda game PRAISE THE SUN!


There’s plenty more so stay tune for more E3 2013 memories.

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Fraudulence, Nerdgasms, Riots and Self-Degradation – A History of Dedication to E3.

For as long as I can remember, E3 has been the equivalent of the holy land to gamers like me.  It is the big show and the premiere gaming event of the year, all wrapped into five glorious days. So I try every year to find a way to attend, by methods legitimate or illegitimate and often the latter.  Since it has become more difficult to con my way in by forging a pass or flashing a bit of ankle to an amorous security guard, I put forward my past attendance in hopes that I will once again bask in the glory that is E3.

I attended my first E3 in 2005.  I had just graduated from high school, doe-eyed and bushy-tailed, having never been in the heart of LA.  There in the midst of the city was the cathedral of all that was gaming holiness.  My method of entry?  It was as easy as having my best friend hand me his pass.  If only all years were so simple.  Once inside I was swept away by all E3 could offer. I stood before gaming giants, as Nintendo unveiled the Revolution (which was a WAY cooler name than Wii), Sony dropped the Playstation 3 bomb with its horrendous boomerang controller and Microsoft unveiled its 360, making a statement that they weren’t kidding around in the battle of the consoles. To date, 2005 had the biggest attendance with more than 70,000 people packed into the convention center.  Were it not so well air-conditioned LA would have experienced a massive influx of gamer-funk.

2006 was a golden age of dastardly behavior, requiring only rudimentary MS Paint skills on the part of my favorite lovable minx, Christine, to form a passable ID badge.  That, coupled with my former lanyard, ensured smooth sailing in the land of milk and E3 honey. It felt like the good times could keep rolling until it was announced that E3 was going all business, killing off booth babes, free swag, and let’s not forget the after parties.  For two years every gamer felt a piece of their legacy slowly vanish as the hype and glamour of the video game industry all but disappeared… until 2009 when it regained its former glory.  I appreciate an informative and well-structured gaming expo as much as the next guy, but bring back the booth babes!

2010 was my most memorable year, seeing as it was my first legitimate attendance. Full access, worry free, should have been awesome, right? The changes that were made restricted normal attendees, having them play what I call the “wait in line” game while press and VIPs had free reign. Even with all the hold ups I was still able to meet Hideo Kojima, whom I thanked in Japanese for his wonderful games.  Altogether I did some fantastic things that year.  I participated in a Mega 64 video, saw a Redman and Method Man concert, hung out with Playboy bunnies, got into the ring with a luchador (and won), met John Carpenter, embraced Alma’s newborn from F.E.A.R. 3 and attended the Video Games Live concert where I rocked out in front of the whole theater on Guitar Hero World Tour. With all that, you’d think it would be my all time favorite E3 experience, right? Well there was this thing you might have heard about.  It was called the NBA Finals which was right next door to the event and needless to say, I got caught in “celebration” riots.

I’m sure that regardless of whether or not I attend, there will be a ton of great things coming out the gate. Will the Nintendo Wii U finally get a release date? Does Microsoft plan on unveiling a new console of their own?  Will Sony drop any big name titles for 2013? We’ll just have to wait and see. And as soon as I scam my way in, I’ll keep you posted.

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