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Final Fantasy Versus XIII FINALLY Shows Its Face… Sort Of


Seven years.


SEVEN years since its been shown at the announcement of the PS3 and we now get a trailer of the game that actually has gameplay footage. But that’s not the worst part.


The worst part is that at the end of the video the title changes from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to Final Fantasy XV. And the kicker? Coming to PS4 now. See, I’ve seen people buy the PS3 for the game after they’ve seen Versus for the first time. I can only imagine their hate at the moment.


Other than that, the game looks fantastic. I guess we’ll have to wait longer.

E3: Playstation Plus Members Get a Mess of Games Free*

Well, Sony said they would be stepping it up a notch for Playstation Plus to urge others to join at their conference yesterday and they sure as hell delivered! The games that were added to Playstation Plus the next day after their announcement were as follows:


Just Cause 2

inFamous 2

Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone

Saints Row 2

Hard Corps: Uprising

Sideway: New York

Little Big Planet 2

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine

Choplifter HD

Ratchet and Clank: All-4-One

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown


That’s just about 56GB of games right there for free. Now, you might notice the Astrix in the title. Of course, there’s the catch of having to fork over either $15 every 3 months, OR, the money saver, $50 for a year. And, as always, if you are no longer a member of PS Plus you lose access to said games. However, if you’re a member already, getting to the point in the “purchase” in the store itself, right before the download process begins, adds it to your download list under your account management. They may be free now, but later they won’t be. Getting them in that download list will guarantee that the games will be free for you to download and install later. Hope you said “good-bye” to your hard drive space!

E3: God of War: Ascension Shows… THE KRAKEN?

After the showing off a bit of the co-op earlier this year, Sony decided to show a bit of single-player. Of course, Kratos was shown slaughtering Greek mythological creatures like goatmen and… an elephant man? The game also showed Kratos able to use seperate weapons he finds to his advantage to create combos using his standard Blades and switching to the weapon he found. My guess would be that he’ll be able to only carry one weapon at a time.

But, in the process, it showed boats in the water in the distance being demolished by… tentacles?! What it also seemed to show was Kratos able to reconstruct objects that were destroyed, possibly controlling time of some sort to reverse the damage. The game seems to run off of God of War III’s graphics engine, which looks like it’s aging well. I couldn’t help but think that the tentacle monster following Kratos to continue trying to ruin his day is none other than the Kraken itself. Could it be…?

God of War: Ascension is slated for PS3 for March 12, 2013.

E3: Assassin’s Creed III: Sony Edition

Ubisoft seems to be coming full force on the Sony products. Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation will let you control a character not related to the actual character in the Assassin’s Creed III game set for consoles. Complete with gameplay of a ship battle that you’re able to fully control, but you’re able to board said ships, as well, or so it seems. The release of the game will also have bundles of the Vita in Crystal White instead of the standard black color, and also comes with the standard 4GB memory card. Not stopping there, Assassin’s Creed III will also be bundled with new PS3 systems, as well. The bundles and Assassin’s Creed III will release October 30th.

E3: Playstation All-Stars Gameplay Footage and Two New Characters

Next up were the creators of Playstation All-Stars, four players duking it out as Fat Princess, Kratos, Sweet Tooth and Sly. From what was shown, the game wasn’t much different than what was seen of footage of it on the internet earlier in the year. The game showed off some of the super moves (such as Sweet Tooth’s Mecha Tooth… thing) shooting up the joint and murdering everything around them. In addition to the current roster of characters, the game now has Nathan Drake and the one and only Big Daddy from Bioshock. The game has not had a release date other than “Holiday Season”.

Love that lack of specifics!

E3: New IP, “Beyond Two Souls”, Announced by Quantum Dreams

David Cage, director of the game “Heavy Rain” taking the center stage at the Sony conference, announces the PS3’s new IP, “Beyond Two Souls”. The game is centered around Jodie Holmes, played by Academy Award winning Ellen Paige, taking place over the span of 15 years through her life and the video shown, completely in-game, which just looks downright fantastic… graphically. Not much as in the way of gameplay, but if it’s anything like Heavy Rain, it’ll be labeled as an “interactive drama”. Of course, no release date was announced, but then again, Quantum Dream recently showed a tech demo of their upgraded engine. Keep an eye on this one, folks.

E3: New Dust 514 Playstation Home Area and Vita App

    To start off the Sony fanboy bandwagon on this site for E3 2012 it’s been announced that a new Playstation Home area for CCP’s new free-to-play FPSMMO (that’s First-Person Shooter Massive Multiplayer Online game) Dust 514 exclusively to the PS3. Along with the possibility of the closed beta for the game that you can sign-up for online, 10,000 players in Home that visit the new area will gain an all access beta key that will allow them to join in on all beta events CCP will hold.

    If that’s not enough, it’s also been announced that a new app for the Playstation Vita dubbed “Dust 514: Neocom” will let players access their accounts in Dust 514 to purchase items in the marketplace, interact with players and even be able to customize your character. Of course, since it would be pointless to have such an app released NOW, it will be released alongside the release of Dust 514.

FINALLY, something you can do with the Vita… later in the year. Damn.

Source: http://www.destructoid.com/e3-dust-514-gets-playstation-home-area-vita-app-228715.phtml