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Bro Team in Hot Water?


Recently, Machinima released a video showing Bro Team and The Last of Us, and decided to use a very hot word that sparks a fire every time it’s used. And as such, it’s getting a lot of hate from the Muslim religion that are most likely caused by extremists, but in my case, it’s hard to tell. I don’t know much about Middle Eastern religion because it’s been off my radar for years, I will admit, and I’ve read and heard so many different sides that I’ve pretty much become neutral. I am not taking its side, nor am I against it. I know that there’s many who don’t accept this kind of backlash who is accepting of Muslims in general.


I am, however, a supporter of freedom of speech, especially when it comes to the internet. When something as big as a religion begins its attempt to overcome someone’s speech, just like the real world, prepare for the masses. Those who don’t put up with the one-sided, short-sighted criticism of simply speaking out.


On the internet, no one gets special treatment.


On the internet, everything is permitted.


Of course, there’s the apology video, but it’s not the kind of apology you’re looking for. It’s more or less getting a point across.