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Xbox One $399 Kinect-Free System – Now With Service App Access!

Microsoft announced today that starting June 9th, the Xbox One will be sold without a Kinect for $399 as a direct result of consumer feedback. Earlier this year Microsoft had stated that it didn’t have any plans for a Kinect-less Xbox One.Xbox One_Console and Controller

“Kinect remains an important part of our vision,” head of Xbox Phil Spencer said. “We will continue to innovate on Kinect, I think it’s an important differentiator for us.”

More exciting news in today’s announcements is that Xbox Live Gold membership will no longer be required to access services such as Netflix, HBO Go and Twitch, along with Xbox One sports apps such as NFL, MLB.TV, NBA Game Time, etc. Lastly, the Games for Gold program is celebrating its one year anniversary with two free games for the month of June as well as offering Games for Gold on the Xbox One. The list of games are as follows:


Xbox 360

-Dark Souls

-Charlie Murder

-Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition


Xbox One

-Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

-Halo: Spartan Assault179794-08 Xbox Live Digital Poster-s16_FINAL


As someone who has lost a little faith in Xbox, this announcement shows that this E3 they are going to be coming out strong and holding nothing back to regain footing against the Playstation 4. Be sure to stay tuned for more news, reviews and rants here on -bleep- *bloop* BOOM!

Titanfall Announced


Looks like quite the jump from Call of Duty. Most of the old crew of Infinity Ward formed their new team a few years ago called Respawn Entertainment and they finally showed off their new game, “Titanfall”, a game based mostly on multiplayer that looks suspiciously like a single player game, what with it being so cinematic. But, apparently, that’s exactly what they’re pushing for!


Coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

A New Xbox 360 Model

Xbox 360 4GB modelNot sure why, especially if it’s 4GB, but a new model of the 360 has been revealed! Three versions will be released, 4GB non-Kinect at $199, a 250GB with no Kinect at $299, and finally a 4GB with Kinect at $299. Odd choices, that. When will they be released? Well… NOW! The moment they revealed the new model the new system has been released. Whether or not they’re in stores right this second, is something else. Be sure to look for it in stores!

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly series; Dead Space 3



With the new year underway we finally get to see the first batch of games that either didn’t come out during the holiday frenzy or were pushed back due to development issues. I’d like to present a new segment called the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, featuring my predictions for these upcoming releases and whether or not they’ll have been worth the wait.

I begin with the Ugly because, in my humble opinion, it is better to start with the bad news first.  The game of which I speak is Dead Space 3. It hasn’t suffered any sort of production delay, but the evolution from the first Dead Space to the current game is kind of scary, and not in terms of horrifically mutated zombies. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the series from its inception; it elevated the idea of a survival horror game by requiring that the player to do more than run into zombie A and give it a double-tap headshot. The challenge of cutting off limbs using basic space tools in place of weapons was very unique. This, combined with the claustrophobic terror of being stalked through dimly-lit corridors on a spaceship by shapeless monstrosities bursting out of air ducts and the newly-dead remains of enemies or friends offered an atmospheric reinterpretation of the genre. Dead Space 2 maintained that same philosophy, but I felt EA publishing rear its ugly head by adding a pretty lame multiplayer mode to what was and should have remained a single player game.  They also added an online pass for the multiplayer which I’m inherently against, whether or not the multiplayer is awful.

In Dead Space 2 you saw a complex transformation of character as Isaac Clarke tried to come to grips with the events of the first game, but the city sprawl gave Isaac a bit of wiggle room and allowed him to better handle the chaos of the Red Marker with actual weaponry (even though the tool set still proved to be better) and up-scaled stasis mode compared to battling it out on the USG Ishimura. BroThis time you are teaming up with Sgt. John Carver and going to a frozen death world called Tau Volantis to discover how the inhabitants were able to stop a Necromorph outbreak 200 years ago. This is a great set up, but I feel that the basis of the Dead Space franchise is SOLE SURVIVAL HORROR!  It’s tough to immerse yourself in the atmosphere when you’re listening to your buddy crack dick jokes over the headset. Sure they explain that Dead Space 3 can be played single player, but they emphasize the Co-op experience so heavily that when you open their main site it’s the first feature advertised. Also, no developer in their right mind would pour so much time into creating this whole side part of the game for it not to be experienced.No Hope EA takes full advantage of this predicament because the only way to take part in the Co-op is to go through their online pass DRM guaranteeing new purchases and not going the used route plus omitting the ability to play spilt screen. Finally, the game promotes a pay-to-win scenario ranging from base resource packs, weapon and suit upgrades, as well as “bot capacity” and “accelerator” upgrades which are easily obtained by opening your wallet. As a side note regarding the “Better With Kinect” option, it’s doubtful that it will present a useful addition to the game.  Its inclusion is likely the result of Microsoft marketing leaning on the publisher to include it and thereby increase their market share.

I’m not in any way bitter or upset at the way Dead Space 3 is turning out, but it lacks the soul of its origins.  If anyone out there plans on getting the Playstation version and wants to play Co-op with me feel free to add me on PSN which is at Orphan55.Die Die Die!

Good luck and [Insert Witty Comment Here] … or down below, whatever you prefer @GameOverParra on Twitterverse.

E3 2012 Day One

IGN makes dreams come true!

I managed to get into E3 this year (yes there was crying and pleading).  The energy there never changes as everyone packs into lines with anticipation, hoping to get a taste of what the greatest gaming industry leaders have to offer in the coming Fall and 2013. In typical fashion I made my way to Nintendo, where this year the Wii U finally made its mark with a dozen mini games and the slightly new title: Nintendo Land.  This also marked a first hands-on experience with the new Wii U Game Pad.

Nintendo Land was entertaining, to say the least. I got to play each game starting off with Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, which wasn’t mind blowing, but still had the Wiimote sword swinging mechanics, which is always fun. The Wii U Gamepad function represented a bow and arrow and allowed the player to help the group open passages or provide support against the opposing ranged antagonist. Luigi’s Ghost Mansion was the first five vs. one game and I had the most trouble with this because my teammates kept getting captured by the Ghost. The idea was to use your flashlight to reduce the Ghosts health while the Ghost was invisible to the other players.  Thankfully I was there to carry the rest of my teammates to victory.

Gotha Catch Them All!

Donkey Kong’s Crash Course wasn’t too impressive, but it tried showing off the “accelerometer, gyroscope and geomagnetic sensor”. Moving my hips and shoulders in order to get the Mii down an obstacle was a pain in the ass, as I just ended up just moving my wrist, which pissed off the nice Nintendo slu.. I mean, representative. Animal Crossing: Sweet Day was by far my favorite demo from Nintendo – it was Hungry Hungry Hippos meets Catch Me If You Can. The Wii U Gamepad was crazy hard, trying to stop the other players from getting candy by scooping out the whole map using both analog sticks to control two separate town guards. Finally, the last game was Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, which was kind of disappointing (especially since I waited in line for about half an hour). Flicking the Gamepad screen to toss ninja stars at cardboard ninjas and avoiding enemy ninja stars and bombs didn’t take any real skill; holding the Wii U Gamepad one handed and trying to aim at the enemies was definitely a test of stamina.

Microsoft had its crazy flair and buzz and I didn’t know which game to try out first.  I made the mistake of waiting in line for Gears of Wars: Judgement. Nothing about the franchise has been impressive after the first game, but everyone I talk to about it says that the multiplayer is very engaging. Protecting the generator in a new multiplayer mode called Overrun was hell, where you alternate between COG soldiers and Locust in a class-based strategy using Engineers, Soldiers, Medics, and Scouts versus Locust units which you evolve into better mobs. After that nightmare I checked out the upcoming Summer of Arcade, which was also a mess to deal with, but I was able to play the first game to be released: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, which was a nice nostalgic throwback to junior high. Deadlight was pretty intense for a survival horror platformer, but I couldn’t enjoy it very much with all the bright lights and Dance Central 3 blasting in the background.

So angry all the time!

With a few hours remaining, I dashed over to the Sony booth and got right into God of War: Ascension, which to me wasn’t anything exciting because it felt like the same one trick pony beaten into the ground yet again, plus I hate the idea of multiplayer in a single player game. I do have to admit though, that the brutality was intensified this time around; a moment of silence for Elephant Man.

Dust 514 was something I was goaded into by my former boss, which to be honest, I joked about when it was first announced back in 2010, but it played and ran really well. The idea that this FPS runs simultaneously with the Eve MMO is bizarre, plus it’s not going to require a subscription fee – I can’t wait. Kudos to the guys at CCP for throwing an amazing after party and letting me grill them about the World of Darkness MMO.  Dead or Alive 5 was an awesome technical fighter, but my opponent did point out that they added sweat physics now! Finally I got to test out Playstation All Stars, which was a nice alternative fighter but I couldn’t get past the idea of it being a Smash Bros clone. The thing that stood out to me was the level progression in special finishers.

All in all I feel blessed about getting in this year, but it wasn’t until day two that I abused my media press pass, so stay tuned for Part Two of E3 2012!

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